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Song #9

Best Man

The final video! Great work showing how you still can enjoy life when you break up.  It is called Best Man, but it could also be titled Best Woman! It is talking about not getting completely dependent on your boy or girl friend, keep your proud and stay independent, that is normally the best way to keep a relation alive! Enjoy life!

This is song Nr9, with great collaborations of: Jordi Armengol the master of R&R, Elena Montaner on piano, Nuria Almazán on the vocals, thanks to all my Imsec Friends, Cucaracha friends joining the video and of course my committed video team of Dani Sanchez, Raul Martinez, Beatriz Banaclocha, Jordi Pruna and Carlos Gayoso, many thanks to all for making this happen again!!!


Fredé S says

Very nice song!!!

Fredé S says

Very nice song Menno!!

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