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Song #2

Music and Me

“My Music and Me”

A song I wrote already 28 years ago, inspired by a break up with a girlfriend I had at that time. In our final discussion she told me to choose between her or my music…”It’s me or your saxophone”…
Of course this was in the heat of the discussion and probably not meant like this, however, it made me think and decide to break up with her and inspired me to write this song.

From the beginning I planned the song as a completely a cappella song and actually recorded it as such already 15 years ago. I lost that recording, but re-recorded part of it in this version. It has evolved in a song that reflects the different styles of the music I like and compose…My Music! Melodic, voices, folk, soul, funky, jazzy, bluesy.

Dani Sanchez (direction, script and editing), Carlos Gayoso (direction, script) and Raúl Martinez (Camera) did a great job again in capturing the essence of the song into a story and series of images in this video. And many special thanks to Meli Roglán who played a great role in this video!!

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Ruben K says

This is a really great song Menno! Keep up the good work!

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