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Song #10

Wake up!

Wake up! The 10th song of MMMM… this one comes with an important message to you all! We ask you to wake up, stand up and do something to improve the world we are living in. I had the honour to share this song with Loren Arias who is apart from a great person, an amazing rapper. Also many thanks to Adri Faura for his amazing bass work, and of course to Jordi Armengol who is always there!

We mix Spanish with English and the lyrics appear in the video and is subtitled to make sure you all understand what we are singing.

It is about: suppression of rights of women, homosexuals, racism, the climate change, killing of animals, destroying the Amazon rainforest and all woods, censured press and freedom of expression, nuclear threat, manipulation of information, false information on social media, republic versus monarchies, violence…

so many terrible things going on in the world, and other things evolving in the wrong direction… and not many people really do something about it… we are too comfortable… if the people don’t move, things will get worse and it will be more difficult to go back…

WAKE UP, and do something, because change starts with yourself!


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