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For Both of You

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Step 4

Recordings of the basics

The recording of the basics for “For Both of You” is relatively easy, as it is only acoustic guitar and violin cello…

However, that makes it difficult at the same time. The recordings have to be very clean and precise with the right interpretation because you hear everything and it makes the whole ambience.

I recorded the guitar on two channels, one with a microphone and the other plugged in with the cable, to make the guitar sound stereo and give it a full sound. Then I dubbed over a counter melody that is answering to the melody of the voice.

The most difficult in a song like this, an acoustic ballad, is to keep it clean and only put the minimal things for a maximum effect.

The violin cello idea originally came when I heard Mischa Maisky playing the Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G, which really knocked me out!… this inspired me to put a solo of Violin cello playing the main melody with a variation. However, experimenting with the incredible sample of the Violin Cello I added later also the string ensemble in the final chorus with a big blink to the arrangements of Yesterday of the Beatles.

You will hear that in the final song!


The Steps


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