The Making

Song #1

For Both of You

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Step 5

Recording of the voices

Recording of the voice and back ground voices for this song is very delicate. The voices is almost “naked” as there is only acoustic guitar.

The track of the lead voice was recorded at 3am when I came back from the hospital where my son was in intensive care. As you can image I was very inspired to sing this song for him and my daughter.

I recorded the back ground voices later, inspired by the song “You take my breath away” of Queen, an amazing balled with beautiful background voice arrangements. As the cords of For Both Of You are not obvious changes, it took me some puzzling to find the right voice arrangements; you will see and hear in the video how I build up the voices. Starting with some tensions which will be resolved by putting the right harmonies in the middle.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did when I was creating the harmonies of the voices!!!

The Steps


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