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For Both of You

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Step 6


The mixing of For Both Of You was a work of art of the mixing master Jordi Armingol, mixed in his studio “SIA STUDIO”. Jordi is apart from a great musician, composer, producer and sound engineer a wonderful person with a great vision on how music should sound. What I found amazing is that he built the whole mixing table himself!

For Both of You was not the first song I mixed with Jordi, I met him thanks to my dear friends of the Cucarachas Enojadas Band, for whom he produced a record.

It was the first song written and sung by me though… You must understand that singing a song, and specially a ballad makes you very fragile at the moment of mixing… all of a sudden, your voice sounds completely naked out of these incredibly clean and cristal clear loudspeakers, where you hear everything… every breath you take and every move you make … in your voice.

Jordi did a great job in enhancing the warmth and depth of the melody, voice and specially the back ground voices.

In this step you can see how he cleaned the noise of taking breath when singing, which makes a lot of noise when there are 8 backing voices + the lead voice! Here you only see a tip of the work, in the final result you can hear how beautiful it turned out!!!

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