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For Both of You

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The production plan

The production plan is very important for a song, specially before you go into a studio where there is normally little time to sort things out. However, it is also an iterative process… many times a production plan changes or has to be adapted when you start recording because things sound different when recorded.

The production plan for “For both of you” is relatively simple: It is an acoustic balled with only three instruments; The voice, acoustic guitar and Violin Cello. The song has been a balled from the beginning, it was made as a balled for voice and guitar only.
However, influenced by the song “yesterday” of the Beatles I decided to put a violin cello in the chorus and a string quartet. What is really nice is that by recording it, I finally could hear how it sounds with a string quartet and background vocals. I had this in my head for years but now finally got it out!


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