The Making

Song #1

For Both of You

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Step 2

The story

The story behind a song is very important to understand the feelings, the emotions and the message behind a song. To understand what the singer and musicians want to transmit you need to know the lyrics and the story behind the song, why was it made, how were they inspired, for whom is it made?

This song “For both of you” is written for my children. I recorded the lead voice at 3am in the morning, when I came back from the hospital were my son was in intensive care. I use to sing songs for him before he sleeps, and in the hospital he said to me:”Dad now you will not be able to sing a song for me.” I went home to record the song during the night so he could listen to it in the Hospital. Then, that same summer, when I was singing a song for my son and daughter at the camping site (yes I am Dutch so I love camping :-)), my daughter asked me: “Dad, please record all your songs before you’re no longer there….”. That was actually one of the reasons to start this 100 songs recording project also.


The Steps


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