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Song #2

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Step 4

Basic recordings

The recording of the basics was a real party. It was great to build the song up to the funk part and the jazz part.

I love playing the bass, actually I think I should have been a bass player 🙂 I still want to learn to play the double bass (I do some playing on it, but still have to get it really groovy). It will be in some of the coming songs for sure!

To do the recording of the basics I had to record the lead voice with guitar first in order to have a reference. Then the dubbing of the guitar to get it stereo, which was a hard job to play it exactly the same way twice! Further I used the Guitar Rig5 plug-in to get a Wah-Wah effect with the acoustic guitar at the funky part of the song.

The drum programming for the Jazz bit was tricky and not easy to get it into a natural feel. I hope to have the possibility soon to record with some real drummers to get this Jazz and funky feeling without hours of programming :-). The egg has the live feeling playing it live and then looping, like I did with the finger clicks.

Have a look at the video and you’ll see how it builds up!

The Steps


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