The MMMM Project

See how songs are made! The passion, the story, the emotion and the effort behind the creative process.

The MMMM project will record 100 songs + its video clips.

Every month we upload a new song + its video clip.

Every week you will get 2 or 3 short videos showing the making steps of the song (and video clip). From the very beginning till the final result:

The steps

Step 1: Only voice

A good song is a song you can sing without anything else.

Step 2: The Story

To understand the emotion and feeling behind the song, you need to know the story behind the song.

Step 3: The production plan

You need to have an idea of what kind of song you want to record; style? instruments? how to build it up? surprises? reference song?

Step 4: The recording of the basics

Recording is the moment of truth…you get musically naked… Jordi Armengol said: “if you have a wobbly ground to drive on, even with the best car, it still will be wobbly”. The basic recordings have to be solid to make a song sound great.

Step 5: The recording of the voices and others

Voices, horns, strings and other melodic and counter harmony instruments decorate a song… Voice is a beautiful but also very sensible and difficult instrument to record.

Step 6: The invited guest

I like to play many instruments myself, however working with other musicians is one of the greatest inspirations! You will see many great musicians who I have the honour to play with. Moreover, great persons!

Step 7: The mixing

Mixing is craftsmanship which can only be done by masters… Jordi Armengol is a big master, has a deep philosophy behind the sound, the equipment to be used, the concept of mixing and creating a unique sound.

Step 8: The making of the video clip

“Video killed the radio star”… we all know that song and words… I would say video made the new star! Dani Sanchez produces the video clip, converting it into a tool to give a song the right sense.